Five BIG reasons why our TEAM APPROACH works in your favor.
When our firm handles your kitchen, bath or complete home remodel, we supply many of the services and materials needed for a successful completion. Here are some of the reasons why this approach works to your advantage:


1. Our contractors and their subs have worked with us before on other projects.  They understand our requirements and know what it takes to meet our standards and to satisfy our clients.

2. We work with a select list of cabinetry, stone, tile, glass, metalwork and other material and finish vendors who also understand our clients’ needs and our high standards.  Due to our longstanding relationships with many of these vendors, they treat YOU and your needs with special care.

3. All of our team members are highly motivated to continue working with us on our projects and this gives us and YOU more leverage, helping to ensure on-time completion of your project.

4. Our ongoing relationships with appliance dealerships provide a venue for scheduling private showroom tours for your family.  This allows you to ask questions of our knowledgeable contacts in the showrooms and helps make the decision process faster and easier.

5. Our lengthy liaisons with specialty glass fabricators and metal shops allow you to tour their facilities, see how the products are made and select from their vast array of samples!